Driving in Cyprus
When practising driving before you get your driving licence, you must display learner plates on the front and rear of the car and there must be a qualified driver in the front passenger seat.
Minimum driving ages:
To drive in Cyprus you must be 17 & half years old. For a moped you have to be 17, for motorcycles 18, for 11kw & 25kw, & at 21 any size motorcycles.
By law drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts. All children under the age of five must sit in the back, strapped into a proper child car seat or booster seat depending on the age of the child. Motorcyclists and passengers must wear a helmet.
Road tax
Road tax in Cyprus is calculated based on engine capacity and charged per calendar year (1 January to 31 December).
To get a road tax disc you need:
A valid Department of Road Transport Vehicle Test Certificate
Car insurance
Your registration document (log book)
Renewals can also be made online
Speed limits
Motorways: 100 Km/h
Rural roads: 80 km/h, unless otherwise indicated
Developed areas (towns and villages): 50 Km/h, unless otherwise indicated
Speeding is penalised with a fine
For emergency assistance call 112 or 199